Tee Phlow’s upward trajectory in a young music career that is yet to even take off full scale, is impressive. At his age, he has several rotation-friendly songs to his credit, building his way onto urban radio playlists.

The video for ‘The Warning’, his first commercially- okayed effort released by the Last Two Music Group – the label he is signed to – is a good one.

Giving a decent face (video) to a good song can be a hard thing to do but Phamous Philms did perfectly good on this. They handed ‘The Warning’ what Jay Ahn in part did for Post to Be. The editing was crisp, the photography captures into fine detail, some 3 minutes 42 seconds of hip hop-braggadocio packaged over leather kilts, running masquerades, cigars, dripping blood, and monster-barking school bags.

In the end, what you get is three times the Jhené Aiko feeling of eating booty like groceries. Complete stunner.

Watch below

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