The celebration of Jesus’ sacrificial work on the cross during Easter is not only a moment of reflection for Christians, but also an opportunity for them to pour out their hearts of gratitude and adoration to God in recognition for what Christ did over 2000 years ago.

This year, the National Theatre will play host to thousands of Christians on Sunday, April 19th as families, individuals; churches, students and people from all walks of life converge to worship, adore and celebrate Jesus in a unique experience dubbed ADORATION 2015.

The programme which will be headlined by worship leaders: Eugene Zuta, Nii Okai and Uncle Ato will also feature E’mpraise and the Legon Interdenominational Church (LIC) choir.

Adoration 2015 is a worship experience organized by Eugene Zuta Ministries as a platform for God’s children to come together each year and worship as a body and as a family. This year’s edition is on the theme: King Jesus: His Person; His Presence.

“God laid on my heart to annually organize the Adoration worship programme as a platform for families, work colleagues, friends, churches, students and individuals to come together and worship Him; to forget about all else and extol His majesty; to lift Him up above our troubles and focus on His greatness. So I personally believe that Ghana is set for a major divine intervention on the 19th of April as we lift up the name of Jesus. Nobody should miss this experience for anything. The Lord has promised us healing on the night and I am certain He will honour His word.” said Eugene Zuta, President of Eugene Zuta Ministries.


Adoration 2015 begins at 4pm exactly on the day but ahead of the main event, patrons will be treated to a soothing gospel jazz session at the foyer of the National Theatre from 3pm. It is an after church experience which is meant to ignite in all Christians a perpetual life of worship and to exhibit a sense of gratitude to their maker.

Eugene Zuta is a seasoned worship leader with over ten years’ experience in worship ministry. His latest hit ‘Wo so’ is the toast of several Christians and gospel lovers in Ghana and beyond. It’s a simple worship song that talks about the greatness of God and extols his awesomeness.

Noted for his humble and calm disposition, the young minister believes that gospel musicians must take cognizance of the times we find ourselves, depart from the “show mentality” and ensure that their songs are geared towards transforming lives for Christ.

Zuta has two albums to his credit Woye Onyame (You are God) and Adoration on which he has the hit track Wo So (You are Great) and He reigns.


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