The Inter-Private Universities Debate (I-PUD) is an initiative of TP Consult, a Ghanaian youth leadership development firm.

TP Consult promotes good governance, leadership, entrepreneurship & diversity through various human capital development initiatives. Furthermore, the organization seeks to identify potential leaders and groom them to become innovative leaders in their fields of endeavor.

The main objective of I-PUD is to promote an intellectual discourse and debate between institutions of higher learning in Ghana, geared towards national development.

The debate will see 16 private universities in Ghana competing against each other, after which an overall winner would emerge. The debate will focus on topics of national and global relevance such as: entrepreneurship, diversity, leadership and terrorism.

The maiden edition of I-PUD would consist of 15 rounds and 4 stages: the elimination stage, quarter final, semi-final and the grand finale. The various venues and dates for the debates are:

Zenith University on the 26th February 2015

Central University on the 5th March 2015

Ashesi University on the 12th March 2015

World Trade Center Building on the 19th March 2015

For further enquiries contact: Leslie James Newman…Tel. No 0265397864 Email:lesquat1@gmail .com


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