It is refreshing to note that, after years of rancor and in-fighting within the Ghana Music Right Organization (the firm responsible for collecting royalties for musicians) – there seems to be a moment of calmness after Kojo Antwi and a host of other accomplished right owners were ushered into office.

The tenure of Carlos Sakyi, whom much was expected, was inundated with accusations of mismanagement, lack of transparency and accountability. That of Nana Aboagye Dacosta-led Receiver-Managers was fruitful unit but fraught with litigations.

Kojo Antwi is here, and there are many industry experts who are cynical in their expectations of what the new administration has to offer.  Blame the cynics not; because, there was so much trust in the assemblage of very knowledgeable persons and when they got the power, they messed up.

However, Kojo Antwi and his legion of Executives can steer the affairs of the organization, devoid of any mess if they stick to some of the under-listed tips:

  1. Get A Communicator

Interestingly, Kojo Antwi has granted more interviews within days after winning the Chairmanship slot, than he has ever done as a musician in years and that should end there.  The organization should contract a PR or Communication Expert to do all the talking and allow Kojo to concentrate on the job on the ground. Yes, he can talk once in a while but he should not be seen and heard almost every single day an issue of GHAMRO pops up.  A Communicator, who understands the history and the dealings of the group, who has the skill to articulate and is media friendly, must be contracted now!

  1. Unity Within The Executives

It is essential that the Executives work as a unified force. They must not be seen countering each other in the public. Whatever goes on during Board meetings should stay within the corners of GHAMRO. If any member is aggrieved over Board deliberations, he/she should wait until the next meeting, instead of going on air to rant.  All Executives must be in-tune with everything that pertains in the group. Some of Board members are commentators on various entertainment-related shows on radio, which is alright but; they should refrain from being tempted to speak on core issues when there’s a PR and they should always be on the same wavelength when it becomes necessary for them to speak to GHAMRO-related issues.

  1. Keep The Administrator

The Receiver-Managers did the right thing by hiring the services of Mr. Abraham Adjetey, who has done such a good job in overseeing to the first-ever elections and managing to remain strong-willed in such turbulent times within the organization. Mr. Adjetey understands the job, can articulate the vision of the group better and can work under pressure. He has also proven to be a team player and puts the interest of the organization above everything else.

  1. Effective Communication

GHAMRO is constituted by thousands of members who are all right owners and one bane of previous administrations has been the laxity in communication between Executives and the entire membership. Few members, especially those close to the leaders get to know certain information that affects the entire membership.  The current leaders must ensure that every happening within the group that has any effect on the management of the organization should be communicated to all members, whether they are residing in the Volta Region or Upper East Region.

  1. Transparency

The organization over the years has been bogged with frazzling allegations of lack of transparency and mismanagement by respective administrations.  Dealings at the organization have many times been shrouded in some covert moves. This time around, every transaction, every proceeding must be made known to all members. If the Executives want to take some pay, members must know; if any deal is being signed on behalf of the organization, members must know and indeed, if some donations are being done, members must also know. It is that simple.

  1. Accountability

Executives must be aware that, GHAMRO is not one of their private companies. It belongs to a group of people and the elected leaders are accountable to all members of the group. Account for your stewardship in every endeavour you take in the name of the organization. Even if you purchase a toilet roll in the name of the group, please account for it – not to talk about the acquisition of a car for the group.

  1. New Mechanisms

The organization has faced quite daunting challenges in the collection and distribution of funds for members. The mode of operations should be revamped and some improvisation should be effected to address issues to do with logging of songs by the radio stations, ways of collection of royalties from all avenues and an overhaul of the distribution methods.

  1. Stick To Constitution

Thankfully, the organization has a constitution; therefore, all decisions and proceedings within the group should be guided by the constitution. Failure to adhere to stipulations in that book only spells doom for the administration.

By: Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo

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