The Wendy Williams Show Tuesday 06 January 2015 9:00PM GMT | BET (135) 

It’s a new season of The Wendy Williams show. Hosted by the unique and entertaining Wendy Williams this talk show features a mix of celebrity interviews and performances with guests from TV, film, music and sports. During the popular segments “Ask Wendy” and “Hot Topics”, Wendy offers real advice to audience looking for solutions to problems in her own funky way.

The Kandi Factory Wednesday 07 January 2015 6:15PM GMT | Style (173)

 Kandi Burruss gives hope to a select few for 2015 with The Kandi Factory, where she takes talented budding stars under her wing and shows them what it takes to make it.

Twenty-one-year-old college student Lauryn is desperate to break through the country music barriers that stand in her way, but she needs more grit if she’s going to succeed. 

Darian, a dance instructor, has the moves to make it but needs Kandi’s help.

A baker from Utah, Logan shows Kandi and her team his freaky side – a goth rocker named “Sweet Tooth”.

Lizzy is a talented singer who approaches the team for their help – but it soon becomes clear that her relationship with her mother is causing her music to suffer.

Watch The Kandi Factory on Wednesday 7 January at 6:15PM GMT on Style.

Twitches Wednesday 07 January 2015 3:00PM GMT | Disney Channel (303)

Magical twin sisters, Alex and Camryn are unaware of their powers – and the fact that they are twins until the day their fate entwines and the pair meet while shopping.

Once their hands touch their powers are released and so begins their journey of self-discovery and magical awakening. 

Dial into Disney Channel on Wednesday 7 January at 3:00PM GMT to watch, Twitches

Super Yachts Wednesday 07 January 2015 8:00PM GMT | Discovery World (187)

Explore the dazzling and extravagant world of luxury yacht building in brand new series Super Yachts.

Featuring every conceivable luxury from swimming pools, cocktail bars and top of the range entertainment systems to helipads and mini submarine docks, these spectacular sailboats are the ultimate in glamorous living and exclusive design. 

Gaining behind the scenes access to some of the best ship yards in the Netherlands, one of the leading nations in bespoke yacht construction, this eye-opening series meets the people responsible for commissioning, building and running these outstanding vessels. 

Revealing the secrets behind these floating palaces, each episode follows the manufacturing process from the initial blueprints to the maiden voyage, and examines the state of the art technical innovations and design implementations that distinguish these boats from any other.

Watch Super Yachts on Wednesday 7 January at 8:00PM GMT on Discovery World.

For Young Men & Woman Only Thursday 08 January 2015 5:00PM GMT | FAITH (341

This one-hour JCTV special takes a close look at dating and relationships in a practical way, helping young men and women understand the opposite sex.

The authors of the best-selling books For Young Men Only and For Young Women. Only provide tools for better communication, self esteem, and healthy relationships

Watch For Young Men & Woman Only on Thursday 8 January at 5:00PM GMT on FAITH.

Orphan Black S2 Thursday 08 January 2015 6:00PM GMT | Lifetime (131)

Season two of Lifetime’s conspiracy thriller, Orphan Black, hits the ground running with Sarah in a desperate race to find her missing daughter Kira – a wild pursuit that brings her head-to-head with ruthless pro-clone, Rachel.

This season also rejoins Sarah’s clone sisters Alison and Cosima, as they struggle to keep their clone world a secret and pick up the pieces of their broken lives – all while dealing with the harsh reality that no one around them can be trusted

Tinsel Thursday 08 January 2015 20:30 | AfricaMagic Showcase (150)

In this episode:
Salewa finds out who the mystery thief at the pageant was. Angela drops a bombshell as Brenda pleads for forgiveness.

Despicable Me 2 Friday 09 January 2015 2:00PM GMT | M-Net Movies Family (105

Gru and his minions are back! Not only does Gru have to deal with villains, he has to deal with three growing girls, especially one who has started to like boys. How will he handle everything – including the minions?

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