Kwaw Kesse, seem to be gradually coming back to reality and has appointed a manager to take charge of his business since the death of his trusted friend and manager, Fennec Okyere, about six months ago.

However,  the Na Ya Tal singer says that appointment is only a temporary measure as he is still grappling with his loss and having an emotional difficulty, over a decision to replace the late Fennec, who was his manager for a long time.

“Yes, I have an interim manager but that does not mean I have replaced Fennec. I’m aware that people think that I have not been fair to Fennec by appointing an interim manager to take care of my affairs, but I want to discard that thought because, it’s impossible that I’ll forget the memory of my best friend in such a short while,” Kwaw Kesse told Showbiz.

“I want to use this opportunity to emphasise, that I have not replaced Fennec Okyere. He is irreplaceable; neither do I have plans on getting a permanent manager now. I am still mourning my brother and friend. When I make up my mind on which path to take, I will let my fans know, but right now,  I am not looking or scouting for a manger,” he said last Tuesday in an interview.

“We all know it was a business we were running and if the person who was in charge is no more, I believe work should still go on and I need someone to take over but that does not mean that I don’t have conscience. I just had to get someone to run the affairs of Mad Time Entertainment which includes me”, he continued.

Throwing light on his interim manager, the Wose Mmaa Pe Wo rapper said; “ He is Mr. Kelvin Aggrey and he is part of the Mad Time Entertainment team. He has worked with Fennec so it was just right for him to be appointed to handle things until I make a decision on what to do in relation to finding a manager.” READ ALSO

On how life has been since the death of Fennec who he described as “a brother from another mother”, the Odeim hitmaker said; “life has not been easy, things are no longer the same. You know, it is difficult especially after you lose someone that you’re used to doing everything with, but I believe  God is in control and it is just a matter of time, everything will come back to normal.”

Kwaw Kese also known for hits such as Oye Nonsense, Ma Tewo Kwakwa, Swedru Agona, Ruff and My Thing said the one thing that he will always remember his late manager for was  his creativity.

“ Fennec will forever remain in my memory for his creativity and artistic knowledge. I say this because; it was out of his creativity that a star was born in me. I am who I am today because of his creative nature.

“ He knew what to do and at what time. He had an idea of what will work and would work tirelessly to achieve anything he sets his mind on.

“He was very hard working and had a lot of things in store for me, Mad Time Entertainment and the showbiz circle as a whole,” he said.

Moving on to his music career, the one-time Ghana Music Awards Artiste of the Year,  said he is currently promoting his latest single, Mr. Lover Lover,  and he is also working towards the release of his Forever album which will be launched in December this year.

The album features artistes like Joey B, Brymo from Nigeria and Ball J and to his fans, he says; “I want to thank them for their support and love through all these difficult times and I want to tell them to keep their fingers crossed and make sure they grab a copy of my album when it comes out.”

Fennec Okyere, the manager of Kwaw Kese, was found dead at his Manet Gardens residence on the March 13 of this year and according to reports, he was stabbed by some unknown assailant(s).

Credit: Graphic Showbiz

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