Obrafour’s lyrical dexterity, and texture hasn’t changed. It still comes as good as a one square metre space at Harrods.

He’s been good at his trade for years it makes sense his colleague musicians acknowledge him as the man whose handling of words is as flawless as his compositions.

You can’t go wrong with Obrafour; even on those materials that are less commercial he passes on a long stock of beautifully-done narratives, and tales for upstarts, to pick and use for latter-day, mainstream glory.

His new song, ‘Odasani’, coming after a long absence, only goes to solidify his stature as the chef of Ghanaian rap music.

On this dish, he served more than a delicacy. The menu was somewhat large – offering a wide table of assorted, and garnished meals that should give him a bite so fat for a comeback.

And you can bet other Mcs will make full course dinners out of this.

Forget about those other lame verses you’ve heard from your downright wacky rapper who can’t even afford a decent bar; this right here is vintage – those ones that tickle the ear drums and resonates an awakening that is so grandeur.

It even came without the usual braggadocio.

M.anifest, who is featured on this new one, was right in calling him Ghana’s best Rapper alive.


No permutations beat this assertion. And on ‘Odasani’ you get a dose of who people say he is, and a compelling pen portrait of his larger artistic make-up.

Put together by young Producer, Oteng, it is a beautiful effort that makes way for some cleverly-laid rap verses, adroitly shared between father and son.

This is the second material both acts are working on after the hit ‘No Shortcut to Heaven’. It brings into sharp focus just how good it had to be.

Some more releases will follow ‘Odasani’, ahead of what should be the birth of a new album, Obrafoforo.

By: Obed Boafo/enewsgh.com


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