Shatta Movement family over the weekend touched down in South Africa.

The group are in S.A “for promotions, creating new businesses, meeting the South African badge of the family and most importantly launch a new single of the senior artiste and promote Mampi across the continent.”

Below, excerpts of a release sent to us:

In a statement from the Shatta Movement Family Throne (CEO) Enoch Cyfa Wellington and Juwaid Abdullah Sika they disclosed that the label came to South Africa with the aim of launching a new single from the senior artist of the label – Field Marshall and also extend the promotions of Mampi which is the current monster hit single in Ghana, west Africa and the world at large by Vybrant Faya.

‘Upon arrival we thought it was going to be very difficult to achieve any of the plans we came with but we have realized that the people in SA are welcoming people, the music industry is opened and already we have met several people who are offering a helping hand’, Cyfa noted.


He also opined that the Shatta Movement family which is about African youth empowerment is very pleased to see that its South African family members are getting involve in so many youth activities in making sure the youth of south Africa embrace  dancehall music.

We are here to promote Dancehall music, its culture and lifestyle hence we needed to hang out one of Africa’s best dancehall artist from South Africa, Buffalo Souljah, Juwaid contended.

‘We are very happy with the reception the artist Buffalo Souljah together with his UNA team gave us. They showed us so much love and promised to support the movement of spreading dancehall music, culture and lifestyle in and out of South Africa, Juwaid maintained.

All in all, the hospitality in South Africa for the SMF has been great. The SA based family from the president and vice of the SMF to everyone here have given the SMF team from Ghana a warm welcome and we say thank you for opening your doors to us.

The throne in their ending words also mentioned that the first single for the senior artiste who is scheduled to be released this October in South Africa is ready therefore fans of dancehall music should get ready for it. Also the mampi general Vybrant Faya’s debut music video is also set to be completed this October hence fans of the maddest lyricist in dancehall music should be expecting that.

The SMF have it all covered in South Africa, already hence do not be surprised to see another loud success of the family in terms of numbers, music, artist exposure and culture in South Africa and beyond.


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