Jon Germain will lead his entertainment group “The Jon Germain Performers,” as they headline the ‘Black History Month Celebration & Fundraising Event’ in London from 17th – 31st October 2014.

The Event will be Hosted by UK based charity God’s Solution Center (GSC) in collaboration with movie and music events company – Let’s Vybe.

The event has been organized with the aim of: serving as a platform to bring young people together to celebrate Black History Month in the UK. Launching the movie Last Word (featuring the Jon Germain Performers). Hosting an Open Mic / Freestyle night to encourage and engage the young people who have been affected by the work of GSC. And also raising funds for the range of charitable works undertaken by GSC.

Last year, Mr Germain came to London for a Let’s Vybe event and met with some of the creative young people who have gone through the media workshops funded by GSC.

During the visit, he worked with a group of them to film and edit a music video for his single ‘Still Here’ which went on to be nominated for 2 prestigious music video awards. He has pledged to donate a considerable number of CDs to support this year’s Black History Month fundraiser in the United Kingdom.

This October is set to be another momentous occasion for the Jon Germain Performers and the hundreds of guests who are expected to attend.


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