The growth of Television stations in this country has risen tremendously especially with the introduction of digital TV sets and digi-box in the country.

Research shows that there are more digital TV stations than the analogue ones and that also translates into the quick rise in digital TV sets as compared to the analogue ones now in the country.

Also very soon TV stations will migrate unto the T2 platform, a plat form according to experts will add exceptional TV experience to viewers. Experts also said that the new T2 platform will allow viewers to track programming, time and schedules of a TV station.

This then means that very soon the people in the villages will have to buy a digital TV to enjoy these new services the stations are about to migrate to.

With this interesting growth in both TV sets and TV stations in the country; do we (viewers) get the best of services in terms of programs from these stations and who is checking to make sure that a TV station provides the best of service to its viewers?

Could it be that because of the rapid growth of TV stations and programs a lot of institutions are taking the advantage to introduce series of awards into the system?

Another question on the minds of people is the credibility and sustainability of these awards in the industry. Are these awards inspiring the TV stations to provide the best or they are just adding up to the numbers.

Recently we heard of the launch of a new awards scheme called ‘Television Awards Ghana’. The scheme was launched at the Alisa Hotel with the aim of promoting the core values in television broadcasting.

The big question is how credible this scheme is; looking at past experiences from other similar awards schemes.

Television Awards Ghana is championed by Showtime production who doubles as a production company with three TV shows on TV3, therefore the credibility of the show is at stake. We are just asking, what if they give all the popular awards to their TV shows with the lie that they had the highest votes.

Another questionable thing about this new award scheme is the clarity and transparent of activities; we have never heard anything from the board of trustee, faculty and organizers; as to whether the trustee or faculty is working we can’t tell because we have never heard anything like that and as to whether these boards will not be a nine day wonder just as the rest we yet to see.

We know the award was launched but we don’t know the board of Trustees or the faculty. Who are the personas forming these board and how credible are they. What are their contributions to the Television industry and how transparent will they act in delivering their services as board of trustee or faculty.

One thing we lack in Ghana is a system that checks the credibility of things that revolve around us and also we lack the spirit of holding people accountable for what they promise to do. We often know the two weeks syndrome in the country where stake holders will argue and share opinions on an issue but will not push to see the end results from the said topic and not to even or people have been held responsible.

We think that the people behind the Television Awards Ghana should be called to answer a few questions; as to who and who form the board, how they meet, if possible hear from some of the board of trustee to question them on their roles.

The emotions of viewers of various shows to be submitted for nominations should not be toiled with especially when they have to vote for their favorite to win in the most popular category.

Seriously, let us ask, have these people open for nominations and if they did how come we did not hear anything about it. If they have not, then we need to know so we can follow suit.

The television awards we are sure is to reward hard working deserving programs and so forth but for the sake of transparency we want to hear more from the organizers.


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