Season 4 of the Close-Up Freshness Dance Revolution comes to an exciting end on Friday.

The Independence Square comes alive as the contestants take to the floor to slug it out in a battle for supremacy.

One of the main acts billed to perform, Edem, is open to some dance moves as he seeks to unseat Sarkodie to some Salsa fusion dance.

Kumasi saw Sarkodie rock the stage, and got everyone pretty much bubbly all night, as he run through hit songs after the other, effortlessly.

He will be performing again alongside Edem, probably the most versatile singer/rapper of our

How creative and versatile can Edem be with the Salsa Fusion Dance? Will he attempt a few steps with the Agbadza dance from the Volta region of Ghana?

And when that hit song of his – Koene goes up in the loud speakers, he surely would experiment with fusion dance. He could go for a fusion of Azonto, Alkaida and maybe Agbadza.

The Independence Square will surely come alive.

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