Film director and photographer, David Nicol – Sey Jnr., talks to about his work ethic and shooting for some of the biggest artistes on the continent.

His 3 year-old production house, North Production LLC, has worked with artistes including Sarkodie, D Black , Dee Moneey, Chase, R2Bees, J Town and Edem.

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Q. Does being compared to the likes of Gyo Gyimah, Nana Kofi Asihene and the other good directors around for the quality your videos come with, put any kind of pressure on you?’

A. Since we all have very different approaches to cinematography, it really differs on what you as a cinematographer is looking to achieve visually. Pressure is always a constant in a competitive environment, which obviously sets in as a source of motivation.


Q. What is the thought process you go through before deciding on a concept for a video?

A. It differs. Every project has what you envision and your source of inspiration basically.

Q. Do you, based on your experiences working with them, think that Ghanaian artistes appreciate the need to put out quality videos for their songs?

A. That depends on the artiste and how concerned he/she is about their brand image and how far they are willing to sell their brand internationally.

Q. You are the co-founder of, why did you start it?

A. As an inception to the Ghanaian entertainment industry. I tried out other avenues such as working with content management and flash based website to share interesting content through blogging and that’s how begun.


Q. Has it achieved what you set it out to be?

A. Nope, lost the interest and ran out of patience to continue * laughs*

Q. Any memorable moments as a video director?

A. Every shoot is a memorable one with a different experience.

Q. Is there any international artiste you want to work with? Why?

A. Yeah! I would love to work with Kanye West! Because he is awesome and has a really great sense of creativity.


Q. You’ve worked with both Ghanaian and Nigerian acts, what would you say is the difference between the two countries with specific regards to branding and marketing of music?

A. I’d say they are very similar with respect to marketing and brand identity since they are all internationally recognized.

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