She says he is her ‘personal person’ (whatever that means), mentor, and best friend.

Often, you wouldn’t see them together in public. They can’t really afford to do that – for obvious reasons mortals like you – will find hard to understand.

But there is a connection; they are an item. Sister has been dating brother (could be the reverse), for years.

She is no side chic we hear; she is in proper terms, the official mistress, who may end up with him as wife.

And she is called Tracy. Plus she is a global being. One minute she is in the UK, and the next minute, in Germany, and in Tema, too, where her husband-to-be is lord over many people in his constituency.

Is she cute? You should be able to tell from the photos below.

She is a model, shoe addict and Marketer. She recently graduated from school.

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By: Naa DeiDei Plange/

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