Ghanaian-German fashion designer, Joyce Darkoh, talks to about her decision to start a career in fashion, the influence her Ghanaian background has on her designs, and Ozwald Boateng, being her role model among other exciting let-ins.

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Q. Any reasons why you decided to specifically make suits for men only?

A. My father is Ghanaian, and one of the well-dressed men I know. Dressing up means you know what you are worth, wearing a suit means you know you deserve to look good.


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Q. How many years have you been making clothes?

A. Since I got my first doll. My whole Ghanaian family is in the tailoring business. I had no choice.

Q. Names of celebrity clients?

A. Terrence Jenkins (“Think Like A Man, E! News), James Anderson (NFL), James Valenti (Opera singer), Ghanaian German TV Host and Lifestyle Reporter Kena Amoa and NFL linebacker Alvin Bowen.

Q. Which fashion events has your brand been modelled or exhibited at?

A. The New York Fashion Week. It all starts there, and ends there as well.

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Q. Do you plan to introduce the brand DARKOH to Ghana?

A. Eventually, yes. I owe it to my roots.

Q. How different is the brand DARKOH compared to other fashion labels?

A. Most other menswear labels are designed by male designers, so they are traditional, fashionable, or sporty. As a female, I design suits the way we, as women want to see a man; a bit of a macho, a bit of a gentleman and a bit of a Romeo. Only Tom Ford can achieve this, go figure…

Q. Any thoughts on the fashion scene in Ghana?

A. There is a lot of Western (British) influences in the suit wear, for sure, but they never compromise on the joyful colors of traditional cloth. I always admired the mix, and try to embed it into my designs.

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Q. Any role models in the fashion world?

A. My role model, and actually the reason why I am doing what I do, is Ozwald Boateng. I applied for an internship 23 years ago, never received a response, so I said, OK, I will meet you on your level one day. I’m right behind him… 🙂

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