Samsung Electronics West Africa is set to improve the viewing experience of Ghanaians with the unveiling of the new 2014 Ultra High Definition (UHD) LED TV that includes the world’s first Curved UHD TV onto the Ghanaian market.

The Director for Consumer Electronics at Samsung Electronics West Africa, Vishwas Saxena, says the new range builds on Samsung’s commitment to innovation in television technology and showcases its advancements in product design by offering Ghanaians an unforgettable, immersive viewing experience.

“Everything looks more realistic and eye-pleasing on this screen.

The unmatched resolution allows the viewing of 4K picture quality and vivid natural colours. Samsung’s Auto Depth Enhancer technology brings the impressive picture quality to life,” he adds.

The ultra-clear 4K display is 4 times the resolution of full HD TVs, delivering sharp, detailed pictures. The Samsung up-scaling technology process converts low resolution content to 4K level picture quality through detection, noise reduction, up-scaling and enhancement.

The TV has a three-dimensional effect that is aesthetically beautiful at any angle. The curved design provides a bold new cinematic experience for the home users, with a curvature of 4200 radius (4200r). The surround view provided by the curved screen gives a wider field of view, resulting in a panorama effect. The concave curve of the screen fits the shape of the human eye for optimized comfort. There is a uniformed distance between the surface are of the curved screen and the user, thus offering a uniformed viewing experience while minimizing image distortion on each side of the screen area. As a result, the user is giventhe ultimate immersive viewing experience.

The new model’s capabilities are bolstered by a range of cutting-edge features and applications that enable viewers to get the most out of the UHD experience.

The new Curved UHD TV is expected to go on sale in Ghana by end of July this year.

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