Dark Suburb is an Afro Rock Band caught between the worlds of the seen and the unseen; the living and the dead.

They have been invoked back to life by a priest disenchanted with the current state of the music industry.

So he travels to the underworld to recruit the best singer, drummer, guitarist and pianist to form a great band for the ages. But alas! Before the band can make a transition to the land of the living, they must be accepted by the living.

The more they are loved, the more they will be revealed. They draw their breath, their form, their strength from the vitality of the living. And so for now Dark Suburb is an apparition, their music echoing from the shadows.

The more they are loved, the more they will be revealed.

First single and video of the band “A DEY FEEL YOU DIE” is coming out soon call.

“We have a lot of project coming up , some featuring international rock bands, hip hop and R&B artists across the world. We have upcoming tours, releasing of the LPs, and also working with some African musicians. – Manager of Dark Suburb Joseph Marshall Agyepong said.


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