She stopped visiting hair salons to fix weave-ons for two years in order to save money to settle studio fees for her debut album in 2011 and three years on, contemporary gospel music singer, Faffa says she is happy to have made that sacrifice.

She has since risen from the level of a fledgling artiste just feeling her way around, to a confident, stylish, newly branded singer held dearly by youthful folks as well as the young adult market. Her ‘You Are’ song from her second album called ‘Nobody But You’ made a robust impression on lovers of contemporary approaches to gospel.

The song grabbed a nomination in the Most Wanted Contemporary Song category at the Christian Contemporary Music Awards organized by the Christian Community Microfinance Limited (CCML) two years ago.

Faffa is now ready to hit the market on Monday, May 5 with another collection of songs she simply calls SvperSonic. Her main focus in that collection is on the single, ‘All About You.’ Produced by Joseph Amoah at his Springboard studio at Kaneshie in Accra, ‘All About You’ is Faffa’s mature, upbeat testimony that God is never late with anything.

“All my songs are from the heart and each has a clear message. What I’m saying in ‘All About You’ is that where I have reached with my music now is not by my might but by God’s grace. I have been through a lot of hardship but at the end I’m saying to God that my survival and progress are all attributable to Him” says Faffa who studied electrical engineering in Ho Polytechnic before grabbing a degree in Human Resource Management from Central University.

The young woman approaches her music with a distinctive blend of styles but her intention is always to remain contemporary and relevant, especially to young people. Apart from Joseph Amoah, she has also worked with other producers like Dan Grahl and Francis Osei, two young men brimming with ideas about contemporary popular music. Faffa reckons there is still along road ahead to travel with her music. She, however, strongly believes that everything would work out fine so long as she keeps faith with the mighty God she worships.

Her dream is to become an inspiration through music, to people who have been through experiences similar to the ones she has encountered in her life. “I’m looking forward to being a source of motivation to people who would look for my songs when they are depressed and when they are happy as well because God is there for everybody at all times” she confidently says.

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