Has the movie scene in Ghana slowed down or am I the only person seeing it this way?”, so asks bubbly actress, Beverly Afaglo who has returned to acting after a two-year break to have a baby.

The Single Six star has been comparing the current movie scene to that of three years ago and has come to the conclusion that there has been a slump.

“Since I came back, only a few good scripts have come my way and if the situation continues, I may find myself becoming a full-time housewife”,  she told Graphic Showbiz in jest last Tuesday.

“Since I got back to acting last year, I have only featured in Leila Djansi’s Northern Affair,  Abdul Sallam’s Cheaters and Shirley Frimpong Manso’s TV series, Tenants”, she said.


She admitted ,however, that she had received some scripts  but had found them to be of poor standard.

“I have had to be selective because I don’t want to be part of any poor production that is not likely to push me up in my career. As for that, I will gladly settle for my housewife job position,” she said teasingly.

When asked if becoming a mother could be a factor in not securing more roles, the mother of one remarked, “My child has never been an impediment to me at all. Yes, I am a mother and a wife now so probably, the producers may consider the kind of roles I will play. Besides, there have also been new faces so they have a variety of choices to make”.

The award winning actress who is noted for her role in the television series, I’m About To Wed  said that she might return to her “old love” of TV presentation since the acting business is slow.

“I have already produced a magazine programme which will start airing soon. That is to tell you that I am not just a proud housewife taking care of the home, I am also nurturing great business ideas.”

Two years of marriage to Praye Honeho, a member of the Praye group, Beverly said had taught her more about  the virtues of tolerance and patience.

“Each passing day, I learn new things in marriage and I can feel that I have matured over the years even though I still feel like a girlfriend because my husband and I still do those lovely little things that fired our relationship during courtship. We are still learning something new everyday”, she said.

Credit: Graphic Showbiz

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