In just about 4 months, Ghana will host the 2nd edition of the IHAV (I Have A Vision) Conference under the broad theme “Creating An Agribusiness Revolution With Africa’s Youth”.

The event is scheduled to take place from July 30 to August 2, 2014.

IHAV Conference is designed to raise a generation of young African entrepreneurs who will collaboratively work to create employment and provide sustainable solutions to Africa’s challenges, particularly in agriculture.

Participation include 100 outstanding and innovative young problem solvers between the ages 18 and 28, from at least 25 countries across the continent and over 15 prominent business and political leaders and change champions who are actively working towards Africa’s rise to prosperity.

Ms. Christabel Ofori, the founder and executive director of IHAV Foundation, stated that “we are very excited to provide this unique opportunity to support youth development through capacity building and employment generation by nurturing and challenging the youth to envision change and Act on it”.


Beyond the conference, IHAV Foundation continues to provide platforms like periodic forums and student ambassador programs, for sharing ideas and developing new projects geared towards fulfilling societal needs. It is hoped that the conference will nurture and shape a strong dynamic team to tackle Africa’s debilitating challenges.

IHAV Conference 2014 is supported by Agripro, Independent Skies Magazine, Sangy Nursing Services, the Kumasi Centre for Lifelong Learning and the National Youth Authority.

Sponsors, partners and advertisers are warmly invited to support us put together this conference of excellence, entirely organised by and for the youth.



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