Young artist Annabella Aso Boadi-Misa had a chat with our friends at Trendsandblends on a wide variety of subjects including her decision to start a craft school, to train young hands.

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ASO: Born Annabella Aso Boadi-Misa

25 years old.

Aburi Girls Senior High School (Visual art)

Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (Degree: BA Integrated Rural Art and Industry)

An interior and product designer who would like to widely promote interior design and African art in Ghana and the world at large, loves everything art, loves everything design. Started my interior design back in school from designing hostels rooms and then after school while doing service I moved to homes and now hotels and office. Art comes easy to me.

I love learning some things new every day. I love learning areas not in my field of specialty because to be good at what you do you have to have a general idea of what else is around you. I love design. I love working with Photoshop, Corel draw, illustrator, Rhino 3D, Sketch up 3D and all kinds of art material etc. Teach art, also helps me become better at what I do. Currently my main focus is to promote my school alongside my interior design occupation.

TNBGH: Tell me about your craft school.

ASO: The name of my craft school is ABM Art Integrate. The difference between my school and other art schools out there is it excludes cloth design. It covers areas like bag, shoes, neckpieces, bracelets, bangles, packaging boxes, bags and labels, interior artifacts such as mirror design, furniture design etc made from with leather, African print, beads and twine etc, Macramé art and a few more: hence the name Art INTEGRATE . The general idea is to teach how to design and create artifacts we art lovers have dreamt of learning and producing.

We offer courses within a duration of 2 to 3 month. One can combine or choose to do the courses one after the other. We make it a point to advice students on which combinations will be best for them , depending on their interest. .

TNBGH: Why the decision to set up a craft school?

ASO: I’ve always loved anything art and I love to create. I studied art in the university. I’ve been in an art class and seen how we were taught and know what we would love to learn. There are so many great minds in Ghana when it comes to art but due to limited amount of resources, a lot of people won’t be able to live their dream. I just want to to help others realize their dream and also make a livelihood out of something they love doing.

TNBGH: Who qualifies to attend your craft?

In my opinion, anyone passionate about art is qualified. Without the zeal to learn, one can’t work in this area of specialty even with raw talent but with reference to our system of education, a senior high school or vocational school graduate would be the best candidate to apply to study in our craft school. In Ghana, senior high school is the level of education students are allowed to start courses that would enable them start developing their talent for their chosen carrier in the near future. That is to say at that stage in the applicant’s life there is a little bit of knowledge the student has acquired, enough to start any of our courses. We also do consider some students who did not study art programs in senior high school or did not compete if attitude of the applicant towards the course he or she wants to pursue is convincing.

Another reason why we concentrate more on the senior high school and vocational school graduates is because most of them are not able to further their education mostly due to personal reasons. ABM Art Integrate is for everyone. School fees are very affordable

TNBGH: What are the requirements?

ASO: At this stage, the main requirement is the applicant’s interest. We have met a lot of interested applicants who did not study art but design and create artifacts  far better than that of a few who come in with art back grounds so till further notice we accept applicants who are interested and ready to do intensive 2 to 3 month art courses. Depending on how the school grows we will make future changes in the area of requirements.

TNBGH: Where is the school located?

The school is located in the Adenta Shopping Mall in Adenta in Accra.  Hard to miss because there’s a direct car from the Adenta main station to the main lorry station or Madina in the Adenta Shopping Mall which is the last stop for any lorry station stop. The location (Adenta Shopping Mall) has a bank, clinic, restaurants, fire service, police station, and a lorry station etc.


TABGH: How flexible is the curriculum and the term of payment of fee payment

ASO: When a student applies we sit with the student and who gets to choose with our help which 90 days (3months) or 60 days (2 months) they prefer, depending of which course and duration of your courses.

If you apply to do a 3 months, it doesn’t mean you would have to come to class every day. You would have to come to class for 90 days and these days can be spread across 4, 5, or even 6 months. You time table will be scheduled for 90 particular days chosen by you.

We want people from all walks of life to be able to peruse their dream. University students who don’t have lectures during particular hours to not have to wait to finish a 4yr course before doing some else they would love.

School starts at 9am to 3pm.

There’s no class on Monday

There’s class on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

Students can pass by if they want to finish up some practical assignment on Monday.

Weekend classes will start in April.

Term of payment of fee payment

ASO: We have reduced our course fee to only tuition fee. Students will buy materials and tools as and when needed. This way , students would not have to spend so much money in the beginning to cut down cost.

Also we have special discount offers.




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