Contrary to earlier media reports, songstress Efya isn’t waiting to win a Grammy before she gets married.

In an interview with Elia Chebib of GH and Beyond, she set the record straight on what she actually said and how her exact words have been taken out of context.

“I didn’t say I was not going to get married till I win a Grammy. I know that’s how it seems like when I said it in the paper but this is what I said ‘I said I’m not ready to get married yet and then in between the time if I win a Grammy, i would be grateful,” she says.

“I believe in love and I love love and I love the people that I love and because of that maybe they love me back and might want to take me personal but I did not say if I do not win a Grammy, I won’t get married. I just said that I will like to win a Grammy during this time when I’m not so engulfed about the whole fantasy of getting married like some young women do at my age.”

The four time GMA Best Female Vocalist winner also spoke of how her music has evolved over the years.

“My music has evolved. I can’t say that it hasn’t because I can feel it and my fans also feel it .And the people that I work with feel it. My producers also realize that I’m not making the same kind of music that I used to make before and that is also very good for an artiste because it shows your level of development at certain point and I love it.”

Efya’s debut album Love Genes is set for release later this year.

By: Gameli Hamelo/

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