My bride is in the
Her love was pure.
She wants me back but
I don’t
She is dead and gone.
Leave me alone oh you
Leave my heart alone,
yours has stopped.

If really you loved
Then don’t leave me
in this electric castle.
If you want to take
my heart away,
Then please stop and
let me run away.
But then even if I
had the chance, I can’t
Because I am in an
electric castle.

As long as the blood
Still remains
My heart still
remains hers
But she is in the grave.
How can I love a dead
When I am only twenty

If really you cherish
me as you claim you do
Please die alone in
peace in this electric castle
Please don’t take me
with you
Please leave me and
let me stay
Please don’t take me
also to that road
Let me give birth and
name her after you.
Leave me oh dear
There is still more
life ahead of me
Don’t cut my body
with that ax
I know I cheated you
on while you were alive
Forgive me oh dear
I admit I am a stupid

Please, the ghost in
this electric castle
Are hunting me with
spears and blood
Closer they are at
piercing my heart
With that poisonous
sword from the grave
Please don’t leave me
in this electric castle
Please don’t steal my
heart away

I see an alter on
that platform
Can I go and pray for
my friends and sins there?
Lo, but I hear that
the Priest in there
Is one of your kind
Can’t I even ask for
When I am about to

As long as I am in
this electric castle
Then I don’t think I
am going get any better.
Isn’t that bloody
Mary that I see there?
Is she going to kill
me like what she did to her family?
Oh such a misery that
In this electric

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