Citi FM, who seem to have mastered the art of fusing sport with entertainment, have announced a ground-breaking collaboration for the return of their hit series, Donkomi.

The station have announced the premiere of Season 2 of the show on Friday, January 3 – and they managed to get the musical duo Keche onto the ride!

The finale of the first season aired at the end of last August to a chorus of mourning after it had spent 14 entertaining weeks on air.

Officially called “The Transfer Football Podcast“, the show quickly became popularly known by its moniker – Donkomi, which means “fire sale” in local Ghanaian parlance.

Having started following the end of the 2012/13 English Premier League season, Citi Sports‘ desk had designed the program as a filler for its other downloadable podcast which aired during the English football season.

And guess who has jumped on the bandwagon?
New life

The promotion of this new four-week special has been catapulted by one of Ghana’s most relevant contemporary music groups, Keche.

The duo – makers of other hits like Pressure, Aluguintugui, and Body Lotion have produced the show’s new sig tune, which is a re-fix of their hit 2013 track, ‘Gaaga’ (ft Castro).

Punchy and witty, the one-minute jingle promoting the show was made available for download on New Year’s Day, and has seen downloads in the hundreds. (See end of article for the track)



Within weeks of its start, word of Donkomi  spread as it became a household name and – arguably – the most entertaining Friday night football banter program on Ghanaian radio.

The Terrible Three, comprising host of the show Gary Al-Smith, and his gang of the charging Godfred Akoto-Boafo as well as the subtle Nathan Quao, made it their business to keep listeners up to date with the ever-changing world of football transfers.

No player or coach, from Alvaro Morata to Jose Mourinho and Zoran Tosic, and Gareth Bale to Willian, was too hard to break down in terms of playing style, background and anecdotes.

Even better, fans of the show repeatedly said that for the time the show aired in 2013, its competitive edge was the trademark humour Godfred, Nathan and Gary went about their discussions.


Most important of all was the interactive way in which Donkomi is put together. Listeners on social media and the text lines dictate the pace of the show, as the trio effortlessly demystify terminologies –  and the math – associated with football transfers.

Every one of the 14 editions is downloadable; making it Ghana’s only such program. The same will be done for the latest season.

This offers listeners the pleasure of re-living the knowledgeable insight of the trio and experiences it again as and when they want.

The Citi Sports team will resurrect Donkomi on Friday night at 7:10pm local time (1910GMT) and they have promised listeners a special welcome to the second season.



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