It all comes to an end tonight! Hennessy Artistry’s week-long club-to-club tour, which brought top UK DJ, Manny Norté to town, ends tonight.

And to cap what has been an exciting campaign for the brand, Norté will play at two separate venues tonight.

He makes his first stop at Santoku, inside the Villagio Apartment, Airport, from 8pm to 11pm, and then head straight to Vienna City at Nkrumah Circle from 12am to 3am.


An exercise which saw the brand’s existing and prospective customers come out to party, it offered a different kind of holiday experience.

Hennessy Artistry continues to deliver the best of entertainment the world over. It’s relationship with the world’s known celebrity faces and names is significant in many ways, and speaks of the brand’s connection with their consumers.

Live 91.9 FM was a media partner for the week-long event.

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