UK DJ, Manny Norté, is preparing to wrap up his one-week Hennessy Artistry-sponsored club-to-club tour tonight, with a mega party at the Hollywood Boulevard, located at the A&C Shopping Mall, East Legon.

The ‘invasion’ starts from 12am and ends at 3am. He is expected to dish out some quality music during the 3 hour session.

The Hennessy Artistry spirit comes alive tonight.

Norté wraps up his tour on January 3 with gigs at the Santoku Club, inside Villagio (near African Regent Hotel) from 8.00pm till 11.00pm and at Vienna City, Kwame Nkrumah Circle from midnight to 3.00am.

Hennessy Artistry continues to deliver the best of entertainment the world over. It’s relationship with the world’s known celebrity faces and names is significant in many ways, and speaks of the brand’s connection with their consumers.

Live 91.9 FM is a media partner for the week-long event.

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