[dropcap1]”[/dropcap1] Great yr for music… My observations tell me music in gh is in safe hands now… Gone are the days artiste had to sell their CD rights to business men who had no plan for the brand of the artistes.

Just exploiting our talents and profiting… Killing many careers in the process. Finally the music is in the hands of the creative ppl themselves who are gradually forging their way into the international scene.

Leaders of the new school like Sarkodie Obidi,El, Denning Edem Agbeviadey, manifest, Trig MaticDesmond Dblack Blackmore R2bees etc have all proven to be masters of their own affairs exhausting all avenues of revenue of their brand without the help of business men/Executive producers. This will obviously influence the next sch to raise the bar.

Event organisers have been superb in their staging and local artiste patronage which I believe will improve next yr. leaders of the new school of producers like Killbeatz Addison, Genius, El, Jayso, magnom, King Ofaccra etc have been really fantastic with good quality sound and artiste direction.

By next year, kpmg shld be done with the task given to them by Bice Osei Kuffour and we shld be privy to info like how much our industry is worth, how much we contribute to GDP etc and hopefully Ghanaian investors will finally have the confidence to invest in stuff like concert auditoriums, artiste brand accessories etc. happy new year.[dropcap1][/dropcap1]”

Published unedited. Sourced from his Facebook Page.

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